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Single Tier is finally here!
Starting at $1,699 including pumps (Stainless 304 @ $1,949)

Single Tier homebrew System without kettles

Our single tier home brew stand brings everything within reach.  Featuring high output 23 tip burners, heavy duty locking casters, a water filter mount, and a manifold set up that allows you to customize and add options as you see fit.  This single tier brew stand is able to accomodate kettles over 13" in diameter such as a converted keg, and up to 21" in diameter such as many heavy duty 26 gallon kettles.

Dimmensions: 27" tall, 21" deep, 72" wide.
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Single tier homebrew system 23 tip burner  Featuring high output, 23 tip burners in either Propane or Natural Gas.  These burners are more than enough to get your water to mash temps and to help you boil quickly.  Burners can be easily swapped out from propane to NG or vice-a-versa at any time.  Additionally, if you desire a different distance from burner tips to kettle, you can modify the system to change the distance by using an elbow and additional fittings.

Single tier home brew gas manifold

Probably one of the best features of our single tier stand. our 6 way manifold allows two extra ports that can be used for adding extras such as a pilot light set up, and an extra port for a forethcoming, fourth burner that can be mounted on to your stand to allow for decoction mashes, starters, or that batch of chili while you brew.

With this gas system, you can also tear it down and add components such as solenoid valves that can be incorporated in to your own control panel.

If you are not 100% sure how to make alterations to a gas system, be sure to hire a certified tradesman to make your modifications.

Single tier home brew stand water filter mount This has been a much featured request on our three tier line.  This water filter mount is removable and placeable almost anywhere on the top level of our single tier home brew stand.

Shown with kettles.

Single Tier homebrew system with kettles

Please note: pictures on site might not reflect actual delivered product. As brewstands continues to evolve, our homebrew systems may change. Changes are typicall small, such as knob color of ball valves, etc.  Any major changes will be conveyed before you place your order.

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