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Brewing with a pump allows you to shorten your brew stand to an easier to manage level.  Plus by automating fluids, you are able to do several different things with your brew day, such as run heat exchange recirculation to maintain, or raise temp levels in your mash for more controlled results.  With our three tier pump homebrew stands, the HLT is designed to sit beneath the Mash Tun so that it can be pump fed to your mash.  When properly configured for the tanks that you are using (see below), you can then gravity feed your mash to your boil kettle which can help prevent grain bed compaction, and then your boil kettle to your fermenter.  Or you can use your pump through the entire brew process if you prefer.

While many pump fed systems are often single, or two tiered, These stands are still considered three tiered.

Pump mount plates are included on your pump fed three tier homebrew stand when requested.

Our most popular stand style to date is our compact keggle stand.  At about 55" tall, it is a great option for a stand for the homebrewer to grow in to that has one keggle, a pump, and a pair of coolers.  You can always upgrade your tanks at a later time! three tier, pump driven home brew stands come standard with 3 high pressure cast iron burners each independently controlled by a ball valve. You will need to purchase a 20 psi propane regulator with a 3/8" flare connection to connect to your propane tank. Each system is pressure tested. No problem running 2 burners at once. 3 burners will also work well with minimal pressure loss to any burner.

Our Home brewing stands also feature casters that allow easy maneuverability by tipping the stand back with the kettles removed. A great way to move your brew stand for remote brewing, or just to bring it away from the wall on your brew day.

Pump fed homebrew stand examples ( Example of our Compact Keggle Stand on the right - pump mount may be different than pictured).
To configure your three tier gravity homebrew stand and for pricing from, please read below.  All three tier systems start at $790. While most customization can be met, some additional changes might be available for an additional charge.


pump homebrew stands 


Compact homebrew stand with brew tanks

Compact Keggle brew system with tanks 

Configuring your three tiered, pump driven, brew stand

Please use the following guidelines for our home brew systems, and then click on the ordering info page for pricing and more info.

With so many kettle options available to the homebrewer, there will likely always be a difference in a home brewer's needs. Whether building your own, or having build your stand for you, configuring your three tier PUMP FED homebrew stand is easier then ever. Just follow the info below.

When figuring your requirements for a three tiered, pump fed, homebrew sculpture, you will need to take in to consideration the height and diameter of your brewing tanks, as well as the height of your fermenter that you might be gravity feeding in to. For our three tier pump fed systems you will want:
(A) The top of your bottom tier/Hot Liquor Tank tier (minimum & recommended value = 14")
(B) The height of your boil kettle tier (recommended to have this just above your fermenter for gravity feeding.  Must be +6" over "A")
(C) The Height of your Mash Tun tier (and overall height of your stand) - recommends the larger value of the two below:
     1) The actual height of your HLT + value "A" + 7" (burner clearance)  -or-
     2) The value "B" + the actual height of your boil kettle

Additional dimensions to consider include:
(D) The spacing between your center support and burner box. Our default size is 2" for most stands, but will build according to your needs.
(E) The outside dimension of the burner box. burner boxes are 16"
(F) The inside dimension of the burner box. burner boxes are 10" (or 6" less than your figure "E" for custom requests).

Please specify if you wish to have us include a pump mount plate.  Our mounting plate is roughly 14" wide x 14" tall, giving you room to mount a couple objects.  Custom mounts can also be added - please inquire.

customized pump fed home brew system


burner box for home brew stand

Feel free to contact us with any questions. If you would like to order a brew stand from, please have the figures A-F ready. To order or for inquiries, please contact or call (626) 536-1846, or look at our ordering info page.

Please note: pictures on site might not reflect actual delivered product. As brewstands continues to evolve, our homebrew systems may change. Changes are typically small, such as knob color of ball valves, etc. Any major changes will be conveyed before you place your order.

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