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Build Your Own HomeBrew Stand With These Resources...

We all know that a homebrewer is a Do-it-yourself type of person. Find links and info on building your own homebrew stand below. If you decide you want someone else to do it for you, visit our brewstands page or the more-brewstands page for builds from other brewstand manufacturers.

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Links to DIY homebrew systems:

Please note the following are links to 3rd party sources. is only providing these links for reference, and does not endorse building your own brewstand unless you are 100% capable of performing the tasks involved, and making the correct judgment on how safe it is to use your equipment.

Brewtius Maximus/The Braxton 10 – Complete Single Tier Build

Two tier home brew stand on

Single Tier Electric Brew System on

"Wallace" the weldless brew stand:

DIY brewstand from recyled material:


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