So who are these guys, really?

Well, in short, we are brewers just like you...


Brewing for over 3 years, Jay has put his home brewing on the fast track by going from Extract to all grain in less than a year.  When not putting together a homebrew stand, Jay can be found brewing up a mean Chipotle Porter.

With over 10 years of commercial experience in welding and fabrication, with primary focus in MIG and TIG, nothing compares to experience.  Jay has been welding since a pre-teen helping his dad work on classic cars and more.

Jay is in charge of the fabrication end of, and brings his experience to the table!  As we continue to improve our stands, Jay provides real world knowledge and insight to the practicality of putting our stands together. 


Brewing since 2005...

While I considered brewing my own beer in the past, It took my wedding to finally get me to give it a shot.  You see, for a wedding present one of my very good friends home brewed a batch of Pale Ale, and private labeled it "Holy Maltrimony."   He gave a case to my wife and I, and the content of the labels included ingredients such as: Malt, water, hops, yeast, ball, chain, etc. (I imagine the comedic factor certainly played a major factor in my interest in brewing my own beer as well).  Not only was this home brewed beer tasty, it was inspiration, and I decided it was time for me to pursue the hobby.  I never knew how much I would enjoy this very rewarding hobby as well as the friends I have met along the way.

November of 2005... yup, that's when I got the bug.  Today, I still have it.

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