Trident Gas Manifold

Bring your controls forward for an added ease of operation... now offers a customized gas manifold that puts your controls up front and center, allowing for better flame control and keeping your fingers further from the heat of the flame.

Our Trident Manifold allows you to bring your brew stands controls away from the flame.

With our optional gas manifold, we also run the majority of the plumbing on the inside of the main support giving you a cleaner look with more "real estate" for self customization such as the pump switch our customer added to this stand.  You can also add an ignition button for burner igniters!

This manifold configuration is required for our natural gas option as shown in the pic on the right, however, it is available for both NG and propane set ups.  In fact, with this manifold, you can brew at home with the natural gas burners, and swap out your burners for our standard propane burners to take your brew system on the road!

Our Trident gas manifold also allows for optimum positioning of our pump mount plate as shown on our Natural Gas page.

The Trident gas manifold option runs an additional $150.  With this set up, the back side of the main support will have multiple access points open for easy access for repairs, changes, or customization.


trident gas manifold 

 Gas system or stand can be customized to fit your needs.
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